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Who We Are?

Education is a powerful lever for changing the world, and everyone should have the same opportunities to access it. These beliefs drive the bioMérieux Endowment Fund for Education and define its program of action, in France and abroad, in favor of educating children aged 0 to 8 in situations of precariousness, distress or poverty.

To achieve its vision, the Endowment Fund identifies, promotes, supports, and develops education-focused and other social impact projects to help the most disadvantaged populations meet their essential needs and foster their integration and social advancement.

Since its creation, the Fund has supported 47 projects in 22 countries.

How Do We Work? 

Call for Projects

Each year, the Endowment Fund launches a Call for Projects. It relies on the voluntary commitment of bioMérieux team members worldwide to identify potential early childhood education-focused projects that meet the Fund's eligibility criteria.

bioMérieux team members are invited to share the Call for Projects with the relevant non-profit public-interest organizations so that they can apply online.

If the Fund's Board of Directors accepts the application and commits to supporting the realization of the project locally, the bioMérieux team member becomes a Project Partner and  the nonprofit a Partner of the Fund. 

Monitoring the Projects


The Endowment Fund establishes a Steering Committee with each Project Partner to successfully implement, guide, and monitor local projects.

The Committee relies on a global team of 10 people: four based in Lyon, France, and six Regional Coordinators. This group is responsible for supervising the execution of projects and ensuring they are monitored by the local Project Partners.

Today, the Fund has almost 70 Project Partners who voluntarily monitor projects in the field and act as a link between them and the Endowment Fund's operational team.

The Fund also promotes the active participation of bioMérieux team members in one-off volunteering initiatives to support actions locally.  More than 500 bioMérieux volunteers have already committed to promoting the education of underprivileged children around the world.