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La Foundation d'Augustin

La Fondation d'Augustin - Ivory Coast

La Fondation d'Augustin - Ivory Coast

Launched in 2017, the Fondation d'Augustin is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young people in Ivory Coast. The Foundation is convinced that education and health enable equal opportunities and a fairer society.

The project supported by the Endowment Fund was launched in response to a disastrous situation concerning a primary school in the village of Yapokoi, near Adzopé in the southeast of the country.

The school, built in the 1970s, has not benefited from maintenance or renovation work for over 50 years, leading to insufficient classrooms and inadequate sanitation, facilities, and electricity. This has resulted in compromised learning conditions and low enrollment, as children without spaces to learn and develop are forced to leave their parents to study in neighboring cities or not to go to school at all.

The project will provide disadvantaged boys and girls in Yapokoi with a safe and stimulating learning environment. The construction of school infrastructure, such as classrooms, a canteen, and latrines, will allow the village’s children to learn in a healthy environment and to stay with their parents, increasing their chances of having a better future.