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fundacion si argentina

Fundación Sí - Argentina

Fundación Sí - Argentina

Founded in 2012, Fundación Sí supports the inclusion and social reintegration of Argentina's most vulnerable populations. In 2022, the Endowment Fund partnered with the nonprofit to develop and implement the Si Pueden program.

Si Pueden is an inclusion program for young children that aims to establish itself in 43 community centers across 35 cities in Argentina. The centers are educational spaces where children can express themselves and find their place. They are accompanied to work on social and emotional skills, such as identifying and regulating emotions, tolerance to frustration, self-esteem, and impulse control.  

Thanks to the training of professionals involved and a specialized library and bank of teaching resources put together through this project, children are progressively able to work on:

  • Overcoming problems without aggression or violence by increasing impulse control and reducing aggressive behaviors;. 
  • acquiring social skills such as generosity, empathy, and collaboration;
  • and deepening self-knowledge, increasing self-esteem and mood.

Since its launch, nearly 1,750 children have benefited from the Si Pueden program, and 390 educators have been trained.