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Alexandre Mérieux and bioMérieux Brazil Commit to Helping São Paulo’s Children

Building Bridges to Future Opportunities

"We tear down walls to build bridges" is the motto of Arca do Saber.

The Franco-Brazilian nonprofit, located in the heart of the Vila Prudente favela district, is committed to giving children, teenagers, and their families the chance of a better future. 

The Endowment-supported project offers educational activities to vulnerable children in the favela and trains educators to enhance their pedagogical skills. Since 2022, more than 44 children have benefited from the project, and 12 professionals have participated in specialized training.

bioMérieux Team Members Greeted with Smiles and Dancing 

On his visit to the Arca do Saber site, Alexandre was accompanied by Fernando Oliveira, Vice President and General Manager bioMérieux Brazil, and José Torres, Vice President, Clinical Operations LATAM. They also attended a dance show put on by the favela's children. 

It was also an opportunity for Alexandre to meet the Arca do Saber team led by Director Thais Alves Máximo, who praised the impact of the Fund's support on the favela's children.

The project is supported specifically by Viviane Dias and MOREIRA Silvania, Project Partners of the Endowment Fund.