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arca do saber brazil

Arca do Saber - Brazil

Arca do Saber - Brazil

"We tear down walls to build bridges" is the motto of Arca do Saber, a partner of the bioMérieux Endowment Fund for Education since 2022.

This Franco-Brazilian nonprofit organization, located in the heart of the Vila Prudente favela district of São Paulo, is committed to giving children, teenagers, and their families the chance of a better future.

The project supported by the Endowment Fund offers educational activities to vulnerable children in the favela and trains educators to enhance their pedagogical skills. Since 2022, more than 44 children have benefited from the project, and 12 professionals have received specialized training. 

"Our partnership with the Endowment Fund has marked an important step in the development of Arca do Saber and in supporting our beneficiaries. After an unprecedented health crisis and a long period of confinement, we were able to invest in pedagogical innovation to build a team and restore the children's desire to learn. bioMérieux Brazil's team of local volunteers is a great support: they closely follow our project, suggest ideas and take part in activities while raising awareness of our cause among other employees." Thais Alves Maximo, President of Arca do Saber.