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EME Projects

Europe Middle East Projects 

EME Regional Coordinator

Raffaella CATENA

“The impact of our Europe Middle East projects on children’s lives is strong; the children have already improved their quality of life and are progressing in acquiring new social skills, which are important for their well-being and personal development. I am proud of all the bioMérieux Project Partners involved, who have demonstrated lots of energy and courage in supporting these amazing projects!”

Raffaella CATENA
ClassContact Project Picture

ClassContact - Belgium

ClassContact helps sick children who have dropped out of school continue their education as normally as possible by promoting daily contact with their class.

Fondazione Claudio Ciai Project Photo

Fondazione Claudio Ciai ETS - Italy

For 10 years, the Fondazione Claudio Ciai, based in Florence, has been committed to the social inclusion of disabled and vulnerable people and the defence of individual freedoms and human dignity.

APADIS - Spain

A The Madrid-based APADIS nonprofit addresses the needs of children aged 0-6 with developmental delays or disabilities.